Equipment Automation Program (EAP).
Our Equipment Automation Program automates the process to control and monitor manufacturing equipment or tools. It also helps to do measurement for specific parameters. See the functional features and technical aspects for more details.

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Functional Features.
• Support barcode reader for scanning lots.
• Capable to collect data for predefined equipment, engineering and production parameters.
• Capable to communicate with any manufacturing process control system for sending collected data for SPC needs and reporting purpose.
• Capable to integrate with any manufacturing process control system for WIP tracking, recipe management, event & alarm management.

Technical Aspects:
• Support platform with any operating system as client platform, require Java Virtual Machine.
• Developed based on SEMI SECS/GEM specifications with Java technology.
• Support industry standards:
- SEMI E4-91 (SECS-I)
- SEMI E37095 (HSMS-SS)
- SEMI E30-95 (GEM)
- SEMATECH VFEI version 2.2
• Object-oriented component design
• Thin-client capability inherent in design
• Messaging relationship between manufacturing equipment and computational devices, such as servers or man-machine-interface clients.

EAP Messaging Relationship Diagram