Electronic Process Control (EPC).
Our Electronic Process Control is a complete manufacturing management system for semiconductor fabrication. We designed and developed our system to bring our clients the advancement in:
• Managing and operating complex manufacturing processes,
• Manpower, raw material, equipment, facilities and products management,
• Serving customer's orders to fufill their requirements.

Below are the major functional features and relevant technical aspects for the whole suite. We also customize independent modular package by according to your requirements and finance if you only wish to upgrade or enhance certain aspects in your plant.

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Functional Features.
User Accessibility Control
Administrator assigns login accounts to users of different corporate/management levels to access the corresponding customized set of functions to accomplish their works.

Plant / Facility Management
Capability to set up and maintain their equipment and other infrastructures and resources (such as carriers) within a plant or a facility.

Customer Orders Allocation
Capability to control production quantity and scheduling (by creating a production plan order) to meet customer orders for on time delivery.

Product Management
Support product genealogy, raw material consumption with the connectivity to integrate with third party software for material tracking and ordering, and quality assurance on final goods.

Process / Workflow Management
Support the setup, changes or adjustments in product-driven technology, processes or workflow and capable to trace production lots in job-based operations.

Equipment Automation
Support barcode reader for scanning lots and capable to control and monitor the status of equipment / tools, including the status of lots that occupy the equipment, in automated mode to achieve higher utilization. It also gathers and passes data for engineering or production parameters to meet SPC needs.

Event and Alarm Management
Capable to alert the corresponding person-in-charge when a specific, predefined event occurs in the factory floor via different notification means, such as emailing or SMS messaging service.

Statistical Process Control
Support data collection for different industrial, production and engineering parameters. Based on a series of proven industrial analysis algorithms, the resultant data points are plotted on charts for process analysis and control.

Preventive Maintenance Module
Allow equipment engineers to look after the equipment by performing a series of preventive maintenance activities on them in timely manner.

Factory Monitoring Board
A monitoring board with graphical interface to view event and status information of equipment, including the information of waiting or processing lots on a particular equipment.

Reports & Analysis
It provides a list of user-defined reports containing WIP tracking data, preventive maintenance activity information, equipment information, resources information and etc. for reference and decision making.

Technical Aspects:
• Developed by using J2EE technology.
• Web-based, hence require Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or above as web browser.
• Oracle 8i for database.
• BEA Weblogic 6.1 as application server.
• Apache web server as web server.
• Crystal Reports 9 and Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) for viewing reports.
• FASecs driver for Equipment Automation.